The Rochester Public Market

The Rochester Public Market is something that many of the college students in the area flock towards. The Public Market is a beautiful open air market where various vendors from the area come to sell their things. I’ve been living in Rochester for almost three years and this was the first time I went to the public market.

Some of my roommates and I started our long weekend by going to the public market to do our food shopping for the week. Our group of five wove our way through the various vendors and collected our produce for the week.

I walked into the public market with $40 in my pocket expecting to spend it all and then some. In fact, I even took out more money from the ATM because I as afraid that I wasn’t going to have enough money. But almost ten minutes in I only had to spend $5 and got a box fo mangos as well as lemons and squashes. I was amazed by the amount of fresh produce that was available at very inexpensive┬áprices.

Overall I ended up walking away from the public market with almost 5 to 10 pounds of fresh produce food for less than $20. I cannot express how amazed and pleased I was by the friendliness of the vendors, the quality of the produce, and by the sheer amount of food I was able to buy. There were a decent amount of college students there for the summer but if anyone is visiting Rochester this is definitely one of my go-to places if you’re visiting Rochester.

The Public Market is in the middle of the cities urban center but is almost like its own little center. The market itself could easily take up two hours of your afternoon and you will not be disappointed. It would remind you of small European open air markets.

If anyone is visiting the Public Market I highly suggest going on a Saturday. On Saturday the Market is open from 5 am to 3 pm. But if you want the best prices for your produce go from 1pm-2pm because typically vendors are looking to start packing up and go home. A vendor sold me two quarts of freshly squeezed juice for the price of one quart- $4- just because he wanted to get rid of his stock.

The Public Market is an amazing place to visit if you’re in Rochester for a few days and want to get some inexpensive food as well as see a huge piece of Rochester Culture. During my time living in Rocheser, this has been my favorite place to visit and I cannot wait to go back this coming weekend.


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